Ronaldo gets clear message from Portugal as he skips match

Ronaldo gets a clear message from Portugal as he skips the match
Cristiano Ronaldo avoided coordination and was seen relaxing with Georgina Rodríguez in Saudi Arabia

Amid Cristiano Ronaldo’s nonattendance from Portugal’s obliging match against Sweden, the social event sent him an evident message that he could be supplanted by a rising star.

Whenever Mail Online revealed that the Euro 2024 — set to happen this mid-year — could be the last general challenge he plays.
The 39-year-old is the player who has played the most matches, 205, and what’s more, scored the most focus for the public side — 128.

Roberto Martinez hopes to save the legend in the gathering for the oncoming contention, however, his group showed him that they were satisfactory even without CR 7.

With Ronaldo missing, Bruma wore the notable No.7 — making him the second player to wear that number. Nobody, adjacent to Ronaldo, has worn the number start around 2007.

The choice of the association to give the Braga winger the number was in a general sense dead on as he did all he could to ensure his social event scores.

He began the match on the seat at any rate was brought into the field later on in the last part. Bruma made his presence felt as he scored Portugal’s fourth objective.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Al-Nassr as of now, avoided the overall organized coordinate and was seen relaxing with his sweetheart Georgina Rodríguez in Saudi Arabia.

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