Pakistan faint opportunities to seal FIFA 2026 billet in the wake of confronting rout against Jordan

Pakistan faint opportunities to seal FIFA 2026 compartment following a challenging loss against Jordan
Pakistan neglected to break a series of frustrations in the second round of the Asian qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup 2026 as they faced one more hardship against Jordan 3-0 at the Jinnah Field in Islamabad on Thursday.

Shaheens lost three games in movement during the second round of qualifiers.
Jordan’s headliner Musa Al-Taamari scored an assist while Ali Olwan indented an objective too during the match against Pakistan.

It had every one of the reserves of being that the guides would open after Musa and Ali gave Jordan a 2-0 lead inside the hidden 10 minutes at any rate Pakistan’s protection stayed undaunted and reliable that it was everything except a hard and fast beating by ideals of the Asian Cup finalists.

In Friendly event G of the Asian qualifiers, Jordan is in third spot with four spots. In the interim, winless Pakistan stays at the base straightforwardly following losing three out of three games.

Pakistan will and make an outing to Jordan for the away foundation on Walk 26 this month.

The Shaheens need to lead their excess three matches, which unite matches against Saudi Arabia and Tajikistan, to stay in pursuit after the World Cup.
Jordan: Yazid Abu Laila, Ahmed Al-Jaidi, Abdullah Al-Fakhouri, Yazan Al-Bedouin, Baraa Marhi, Anas Bani Yassin, Saad Al-Rousan, Ihsan Haddad, Firas Shalbaya, Salem Al-Ajalin, Mahmoud Shawkat, Nizar Al-Rashdan, Ibrahim Saada, Nour Al-Rawabdeh, Rajai Ayed, Youssef Abu Jalbush, Saleh Ratib, Mahmoud Mardi, Muhammad Abu Rizk, Ali Alwan, Muhammad Abu Zureiq “Sharara”, Musa Al-Taamari, and Yazan Al-Naimat.

Pakistan: Goalkeepers: Yousuf Butt, Saqib Hanif, Abdul Basit and Hassan Ali; Securities: Easah Suliman, Abdullah Iqbal, Mamoon Musa, Haseeb Khan, Mohammad Saddam, Mohammad Sohail, Omer Rao, Mohammad Fazal and Mohammad Adeel; Midfielders: Rahis Nabi, Harun Hamid, Alamgir Ghazi, Rajab Ali, Ali Uzair, Shayek Dost and Abdul Samad; Advances: FareedUllah, Waleed Khan, Imran Kayani and Adeel Younis.

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